AN Brake Lines - Fittings

About AN Brake Lines - Fittings

When it comes to safety and peace of mind, the brakes in your dune buggy need to be cared for regularly. When signs of wear and tear or decreased performance, such as taking longer to come to a full stop, begin to rear their ugly face, you can rest assured with AN fittings and brake lines. Known for their commitment to durable construction and optimal performance, AN fittings and accessories are made with the highest standards.

We offer a diverse selection of AN fittings and lines to keep your brakes in check. As with any repair, it is important to pay attention to the way your vehicle handles. Signs of brake issues include a feeling of the vehicle pulling to one side to compensate for a weaker side, unusual vibrations, and brake pads that are harder than usual to push down. If you are experiencing trouble with your brake lines, we have you covered with our inventory. Made with durability in mind, AN brake lines are constructed from long-lasting braided stainless steel and are available in various lengths. They can be used in most dune buggies, off-roaders, and custom street racers.

These lines are made to last for many years while offering optimal performance. In addition to the lines, we also offer a variety of AN fittings to help you upgrade or repair your existing system. Choose from several hose adapter fittings in both male and female in sizes varying to fit different model hoses. We have several banjo fittings as well. Banjo fittings are useful because they can be rotated relative to the hose fitting. They help eliminate damage to hoses when being screwed into place. We also have the necessary washers made of durable copper for this area of your vehicle with standards sizes such as 10mm and 12mm. Not sure which part would be best for your vehicle? We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the products we proudly carry. Call or order online with our easy to navigate ordering system today!

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