Wheel Adapters & Spacers

About Wheel Adapters & Spacers

When outfitting your dune buggy or street racer, there are several ways to create a completely customized vehicle. With the use of wheel adapters, you can do a few things. They can be used to add a visual depth for a stylish look. They can reduce the risk of the wheel scraping against metal from the frame or pushing the brake caliper. Another common use for wheel adapters and spacers is to make wheels meant for other makes/models accommodate your particular vehicle.

We offer a wide selection of wheel adapters and spacers to make your vehicle just the way you envisioned. We have wheel adapters to convert from 4 lug Bug to Chevy and Ford 5 lug wheels, as well as options to convert 4 lug to 5 lug in models for VW Bugs. They are available to accommodate a variety of bolt patterns, rotors, and threads so you can find the right one for your vehicle. Kits include the necessary plates and studs to get the job done. Every part we offer in this collection has been made with the highest standards of quality and endurance for a long-lasting part of exceptional performance. They are made of durable aluminum for a sturdy addition you can trust. We also offer spacers in a range of sizes, including ¼ and 3/8 thickness, with both 4 lug bolts and 5 lug bolts, depending on your design.

When installing these spacers, you should make sure the correct lug nuts are used and checked to ensure they are not interfering with the internal brake system. If you have any questions about what parts might be best for your vehicle, our team would be happy to assist you further or answer any questions.

At Moore Parts Source, we are honored to be your outlet for all your automotive parts and accessories. With our large inventory of leading brands and affordable prices, you are sure to find the perfect option for your sand racer, dune buggy, or custom street racer. Call or order online to add some powerful performance to your favorite vehicle today!

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