Vw Rear Suspension Kit Using 3X3 Trailing Arms, Vw Bus 002 Trans / 930 CV's


Sold as 1 Kit

(contiguous USA only)

WARNING: This product can expose you to certain chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Description

Vw Off-road Rear IRS Suspension Kit When Using 3 X 3 Trailing Arms And Bus 002 Volkswagen Transmission With Porsche 930 Cv Joints.

This Kit Is Ideal For Anyone Who Already Has 3 X 3 Trailing Arms. This Kit Includes Urethane Pivot Bushings, 4 X 930 Cv Joints, 4 X 930 Axle Boots & Flanges, Chromoly Axles, Chromoly 930 Stub Axles, Chromoly 930 Transmission Drive Flanges, Inner & Outer Wheel Bearings, Bearing Spacers, Bearing Caps, All Seals And Snap Rings, 12 Point 3/8" Cv Bolts. Fabrication And Welding May Be Required.

Item List In Kit:
Qty 1 Pair, 16-5122-0 IRS Pivot Point Bushings
Qty 1 Pair, 16-2306-0 930 C.V. Stub Axles
Qty 1 Set, 16-2400-0 IRS Bearing Spacers, 6Pc
Qty 2 Each, 98-5015-B IRS Inner Wheel Bearings
Qty 2 Each, 98-5014-B IRS Outer Wheel Bearings
Qty 2 Each, AC530028 Bearing Housing Snap Rings
Qty 2 Each, 98-5021-B Wheel Seals
Qty 2 Each, 00-9910-B Axle Seal Kits
Qty 1 Pair, 17-2699-0 IRS Wheel Bearing Caps
Qty 8 Each, BOLT10-35 Wheel Bearing Cap Bolts
Qty 1 Pair, 16-2302-0 Vw 002 Bus To Porsche 930 C.V. Drive Flanges
Qty 1 Each, 16-2235-0 Empi Axle Kit (Indludes) 19-1/4" Chromoly Axles, Porsche 930 Cv Joints, Porsche 930 Axle Boots, Porsche 930 Axle Boot Flanges, Cv Joint Grease, 24 Cv Joint Bolts, Axle Lock Clips And Axle Boot Zip Ties.