Vw Hub Caps - Wheel Caps

About Vw Hub Caps - Wheel Caps

When it comes to your dune buggy or sand racer, you have invested a lot of time and energy into making it the vehicle of your dreams. From the ignition spark plugs to the paint job, you have paid attention to every detail for your favorite off-roader. With our selection of VW hubcaps, you can make sure the wheels meet your high standards.

We offer a wide selection of VW hubcaps, along with other popular models, to help add some style and beauty to your favorite dune buggy. These VW hub caps have been made to directly reflect the original manufacturer models that were included with your make and model. In addition to the OEM standards, we also offer options that offer sleek, modern appeal with their perfectly polished surfaces and curved designs. Hubcaps are designed to accommodate either four or five lug models, depending on the option, and are easy to install. Our VW hubcaps also are compatible with certain model years of Porsche vehicles. We feature hubcaps for VW bugs from Empi for quality and style you can trust. Empi is a leading manufacturing of VW parts and accessories all boasting exceptional durability coupled with casual appeal. We feature many options with the Empi logo proudly displayed for an added touch of style. Choose from a variety of sizes for these hubcaps ranging from 36mm to 62mm to accommodate a wide selection of tires and available spaces between wheels and body frame. In addition to the hubcaps, we also offer hubcap puller tools designed for use with these specific hubcaps without causing damage. No matter what type of hubcap you are looking for, we have you covered with these choices!

At Moore Parts Source, we are pleased to be your source for all your dune buggy and sand racer needs. If you have any questions or need help finding the right part, we would be happy to assist you further while shopping with us. Call or order online to add stylish and durable hubcaps to your favorite off-roading vehicle today!

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