Vw Bug Engines | Long Blocks

About Vw Bug Engines | Long Blocks

EMPI offers all-new long block engines for VW air-cooled vehicles that are designed to be reliable, high-performing replacements for original engines. Quality classic Volkswagen engines are designed and assembled by Jack Sachetti and are intended for daily driving and cruising applications only.  These engines cannot be modified in any way and are NOT for off road use of any kind. The all-new EMPI long block engine comes with a 12 month/12K mile warranty and include the following components:

  • New engine block: The engine block is made of high-quality aluminum and is designed to provide a durable and reliable foundation for the engine.
  • New cylinder heads: The cylinder heads are designed for optimal airflow and combustion efficiency and are made of high-quality cast aluminum.
  • New pistons and cylinders: The pistons and cylinders are carefully selected and matched to provide optimal compression and performance.
  • New camshaft and lifters: The camshaft and lifters are designed for high performance and reliability and are carefully matched to the other engine components.
  • New pushrods and rocker arms: The pushrods and rocker arms are designed to provide reliable and consistent valve operation.
  • New bearings and seals: The engine includes high-quality bearings and seals to ensure reliable operation and prevent leaks.
  • New gaskets: The engine includes high-quality gaskets that are designed to provide reliable sealing and prevent leaks.
  • Options for carburetors and exhaust systems: EMPI offers various carburetor and exhaust system options to allow you to customize the engine's performance and sound.

All of these components are carefully selected and assembled to meet EMPI's high standards for quality and performance. EMPI's all-new long block engines are designed to provide reliable and high-performing power for your VW air-cooled vehicle.