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About Steering Wheels - Accessories

A dune buggy is something you invest a lot of time, energy, and money into over the years. When it comes to your steering components, you want the very best in both performance and endurance for long-lasting solutions that live up to your expectations. With our selection of steering wheels and accessories, find the quality you deserve for your favorite off-roader.

We offer a wide selection of steering wheel accessories to keep your favorite vehicle steering like new. With several top brands to choose from, our selection of steering wheels features a range of styles, colors, and specifications to choose from. We offer several options in terms of style including options carved to resemble flames for a hot-rod vibe, dragster steering handles for rugged fun, and more. From classic wood grain styles and stainless steel for a visually pleasing option to heavy duty steering wheels with extra grip for the most rugged of terrains, find an array of choices to find the perfect one for your vehicle. In addition to steering wheels, we also offer steering essentials such as mounting kits to make the installation of a new steering wheel fast and easy, steering wheel adapters for the best in customization options, and more to make your steering wheel a central part of your buggy. Aside from the steering wheel itself, we also offer a complete collection of the necessary hardware components associated with this system. We offer a range of items such as steering shafts, bearings, steering wheel disconnects, u-joints and quickners, and more. Whether you need a tilt steering assembly, a pinch coupler for steering shafts, or a steering wheel quick disconnect, we offer various specifications within each category to make sure you get what you need. Not sure which part is best for your needs? Let us help you find the right solution!

At Moore Parts Source, we are honored to be your source for all your dune buggy parts and accessories, We offer one of the best selection of options at affordable prices so you can get the high-performing parts you deserve. Call or order online today!

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