Seat Mounts & Seat Sliders

About Seat Mounts & Seat Sliders

Creating your perfect dune buggy can be a fun endeavor. From finding the right headlights to the parts of the engine, a dune buggy is a reflection of your tastes and standards. When it comes to choosing your seat sliders, you expect the same level of performance and endurance as any other aspect of your vehicle. Finding the right seat mounts and sliders is about more than finding the right material and price to match your goals. There are careful measurements to consider prior to purchasing. You want to make sure your measurements will allow for enough room to include the mounts, the seats themselves, and any additional space you would like inside your vehicle. You should also consider if you have the space for adjustable sliders or if you will be the only one driving the vehicle and leg room won’t need to be adjusted.

Once you have figured out all the desired specifications, we offer a wide selection of seat mounts to meet your needs. We offer seat sliders and mounts to accommodate a range of heights and widths for various vehicle models. We offer both driver side and passenger side mounts for two-seaters, as well as individual seat mount options. While we offer all the options for installing a new seating system from start to finish, we also offer individual items for an easy repair of an existing system. Choose from various specifications in items such as mount frames, mounting pedestals, mounting plates, cross wire clips, and more. We also offer an inclusive set of required hardware for installing either mounting seats or mounting plates which includes necessary components such as bolts, brackets, and washers. Find the perfect option for your vehicle today!

At Moore Parts Source, we are honored to be your source for all your dune buggy needs from top to bottom of your vehicle. If you have any questions about these high-performing products, we would be happy to assist you further while shopping with us. Call or order online to find the perfect addition to your favorite off-roading vehicle today!

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