Dune Buggy Windshields

About Dune Buggy Windshields

You should never hit the road without a premium windshield on your vehicle. Our Manx-style dune buggy windshields deliver on quality. They’re made using DOT approved laminated glass, so you can tackle any terrain with the right bug shield and wind protection in place. 

At Moore Parts, we stock sizes that range in width from 42 inches to 43 3/4 inches. The laminated dune buggy windshield glass measures in at the standard 15 ½ inches tall. We primarily carry Bug Shield products, which are made with a polished, anodized aluminum. It’s our belief that quality should be the highest priority, so we only source the best dune buggy windshield kits. Each product includes a rubber seal for use between the frame and body.  Installation is made easy when you purchase the mounting hardware we offer. 

Check out our dune buggy windshields to outfit your Manx or any fiberglass dune buggy.