Limit Straps By Empi

About Limit Straps By Empi

A High Quality Limit Strap Is One Of The Best Investments You Can Make To Prevent Damage To Your Drivetrain, C V Joints, And Front / Rear Suspension. Get The Longest Life From Your Components With Our Limiting Straps. Made With Nylon Webbing With A 8,000 lb. Rating, Steel End Tabs With 1/2 Inch Bolt Holes, And Quad Wrap ( Do Not Settle For A Single Or Dual Wrap Limit Strap They Do Not Hold Up To The Abuse ).

Limit Straps Measure From Eye Hole To Eye Hole And Will Stretch 1 To 1-1/2 Inches Depending On The Weight Of The Vehicle, And The Leverage Of
The Mounting Points. When Mounting Limit Straps We Recommend Using An Adjustable Clevis So Adjustments Can Be Made When Limit Strap Stretching Occurs.