Gauges & Sending Units

About Gauges & Sending Units

Since 1957, Autometer has been a leader in the field of automotive parts and accessories for those who enjoy their speed mixed with high-performing machines. Known for their innovations in both technology and design, Autometer products feature the latest advancements while staying true to their legacy of peak performance and exceptional quality. Our inventory offers a wide selection of Autometer products to give your vehicle the power it deserves.

All of the Autometer gauges we offer have been made with accuracy in mind. We offer carbon fiber gauges, sport comp gauges, ultra-light gauges, and more to ensure you get the most durable and reliable choice for your needs. Choose from fuel gauges, speed indicator gauges, temperature gauges, and air flow gauges designed to deliver in an accurate reading of your vehicles’ needs and performance quickly and effectively. All of the Autometer gauge faces and bezels are made with durable materials to avoid breaking, and the hardware is made of sturdy metals for longevity you can count on.

Since it is a good idea to match your senders to your gauge brand for an accurate specification and optimal performance, we offer many options for Autometer senders. When choosing Autometer senders, you want to make sure you get the right sender for your particle gauge to ensure an accurate reading. You should also consider if your engine is standard earth or insulated earth to determine whether standard senders or insulted senders would be better.

Our inventory features additional necessary items, including VDO gauges and senders, to help keep your vehicle on track. Whether looking to make repairs or upgrade your system, we have what you need to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Choose from our wide selection of associated parts such as oxygen sensor kits, converters, gauge mounting panels, dashboards, gauge panels, and more.

At Moore Parts Source, we are committed to keeping your favorite vehicle performing in peak condition. If you have any questions about the products we offer or need a suggestion as to which part may be best for you, our team is ready to help.

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