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About Fuel & Exhaust

When it comes to your dune buggy or sand racer, it is made up of smaller components working as a whole for optimal performance. While each part plays a unique role, some might play a bigger role in overall success. When it comes to power and performance you can rely on, fuel parts matter a great deal in the life of your off-roading vehicle. Much like the rest of the vehicle, the fuel system is made up of smaller parts working together. If you have issues with accelerating without sputtering, loss of power altogether, or trouble starting, it may be related to your fuel or exhaust parts not functioning properly.

We offer a wide selection of fuel parts, including exhaust needs, to help keep your vehicle running at optimal performance. Choose from necessities such as VW exhaust parts, fuel sealants, gas tanks, intake parts, and more with our wide inventory of affordable options. Every option we offer comes from leading names in the industry for quality performance you can trust. We offer VW exhaust parts for popular makes such as Bobcat, Bazooka, SideWinder, and more. Whether you need a dual exhaust for a complete overhaul of your system or a few replacement threaded studs, we have what you need. Choose from a variety of gas tanks, including aluminum and stainless steel models, in sizes ranging from 8”x16” to an impressive 8”x36,” depending on your needs.

We also have the necessary brackets for an easy, secure install, as well as screw caps to keep fuel from evaporating. Aside from gas tanks and accessories, we offer many options to help you restore your carburetor including individual parts, such as choke blocks, idle jets, and more, and entire kits to make repairs and renovations an easy, affordable task. From air filters to intake scoops, we have everything you need to keep your fuel system running in top shape!

At Moore Parts Source, we are dedicated to helping you outfit your favorite vehicle with the best in automotive parts and accessories. With our affordable prices and wide selection, find exactly what you need to within your budget. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help!
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