Body Rubber Seal Kit 1969 Classic Volkswagen Beetle-Vw Bug


Sold as Kit

(contiguous USA only)

WARNING: This product can expose you to certain chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Product Description

1969 Classic Volkswagen Bug Body Seal Kit. This Deluxe Kit Includes Most Of The Rubber Grommets, Felt Channels, And Seals You Will Need To Complete Your Vw Beetle Restoration.

00-3594-B - Left And Right Outer Door Seals
837475111B - Left 4 Clip Inner Door Window Scraper
837476111B - Right  4 Clip Inner Door Window Scraper
853321113D - Left Outer Door Window Scraper W/ Chrome Molding
853322113D - Right Outer Door Window Scraper W/ Chrome Molding
AC837983 - 72" Door Felt Window Channels x 2
837625113B - Left Door Vent Wing Seal
837626113B - Right  Door Vent Wing Seal
837433311A - Vent Wing Post Felt Channels x 2
837465241 - Door Vent Wing Post Flap Seals x 2
947565113A - Door Switch Seals x 2
837267111A - Door Check Rod Seals x 2
831439311A - Caps For Door Hinges x 4
831449111A - Plugs For Door Hinge Screws x 4
837211111C-KIT - Door Handle Gaskets
823579113A - Front Hood Handle Seals
953193111E - Front Turn Signal Seals
998191111-6870 - Rear Tail Light Seals
943191111E - License Plate Light Seal
827517111A - Deck Lid Latch Seal
00-3179-0 - Bumper Bracket Seals x 4
00-3590-B - Front Hood Seal
00-3598-B - Rear Deck Lid Seal
00-3003-B - Fender Beading x 2

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