Empi 98-1433-B GTV-2 Wedge-Port Vw Bug Racing Head 42 X 37.5 Valves 94 Bore


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Empi GTV-2 Complete CNC Wedge-Ported Racing Cylinder Heads For Air-cooled Volkswagens, 42mm X 37.5mm SS Valves With Competition 3-Angle Valve Job, Dual Hi-Rev Valve Springs, Cut For 94mm Pistons.

The Empi GTV-2 Cylinder Head Casting Out-classes All The Competition! Beefed Up Intake & Exhaust Ports Allow Massive Porting Without The Need For Welding.
Special Aluminum Alloy For Strength And Durability And Is Repairable. Stage 2 Wedge Porting Flows 195 CFM.
Has Added Material Surrounding The Combustion Chamber For Deep Fly Cutting And Thick Interior Walls For Porting.
Exhaust Air Passages Are Clear For Excellent Cooling. Machined For 12mm 3/4" Reach Spark Plugs.

The GTV-2 CNC Stage 2 Wedge-Port Cylinder Head Is An Exceptional Performance Head Ready To Run.

GTV-2 Dual Port Air-cooled Vw Cylinder Head 94mm Bore
Intake Valve 42mm Stainless Steel
Exhaust Valve 37.5mm Stainless Steel
Bronze Valve Guides
Combustion Chamber 72cc
Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum Alloy
Spark Plug Hole: 12mm 3/4" Reach
Dual Hi-Rev Valve Springs
Chromoly Retainers
Hardened Valve Stem Keepers

Competition 3-Angle Valve Job
Stage 2 CNC Porting With 195 CFM
Modified Combustion Chamber
Includes Rocker Arm Studs
Includes Intake & Exhaust Studs

Sold As Pair

Empi 98-1433-B